• FoundERs

    Evandro Valente

    CTO and Co-Founder

    Evandro Valente is the CTO and inventor of the intellectual property and leads the company’s vision via the technical development and product design. He leads innovation and design, manufacturing, test and evaluation, and flight testing while supporting business development along with the CEO. He has a M.S. and B.S. from the Department of Aerospace from UMCP (’06 and ‘03). Since coming on full-time at Airgility, he is a former Engineering Lecturer of 12 years at the A. J. Clark School of Engineering at UMCP. He has 14+ years of experience in vehicle design, fabrication, advanced composites, assembly and integration, wind tunnel and flight testing, and piloting. He has contributed in early work for the DARPA Talons Project, while working at Maritime Applied Physics Corporation, as a lead designer and test pilot. He is the Author of the “Airworthiness Process” and Signatory SME at the University of Maryland Unmanned Aerial System Test Site in Southern Maryland. Volunteer work includes judging for the ‘Crabpot’ business pitch competition at the Southern Maryland Innovation and Tech Initiative (SMIT) and serves as a Founding Member of the Inventor Muscle Group at the university of Maryland TechPort Business Incubator located in Southern Maryland. Work at the TechPort’s Inventor Muscle group involves presenting, coaching, and running ideation, inventorship, and innovation workshops, open to inventors of all ages, while using gamification-style techniques to draw out the creative mind.






    Pramod Raheja

    CEO and Co-Founder

    Pramod Raheja is the CEO of Airgility and an Aerospace Engineering graduate from UMCP with over 30 years of aviation/aerospace operations experience.. He is an experienced entrepreneur with demonstrated success in leadership roles and a consistent history of surpassing revenue goals. He has a crazy passion for growing businesses, creating new service offerings, cultivating executive-level relationships, and strategizing with and mentoring team members. He has a comprehensive understanding of technology at a tactical and strategic level and always takes a customer-focus approach to management, new business development, revenue generation, and profitability. He is also a Graduate of the Founder’s Institute and the Entrepreneurial Master’s Program at MIT.










  • Advisors

    Scott Strimple

    CEO, Drone Pilot Flight School

    Scott has 27 years of aviation experience and over 25,000 commercial flight hours. He is a part of the Unmanned Systems Commission for the State of Virginia. He is also the Task Group Lead of FAA Standards.



    Navin Ganeshan

    Chief of Product, Gemini Data

    Navin is a senior product executive with a two-decades career in bringing innovative and award-winning technology products to market with a strong emphasis on connected devices/IOT and analytics. He currently serves as Chief Product Officer at Gemini, a cyber security analytics company. He has served as Chief Product Officer at Zubie and Centrifuge Systems. He served in many executive roles at Network Solutions, including Chief of Strategy, Products GM, and head of Enterprise Data Services and BI. He is helping Airgility in consistently bringing their technologies to market.





    Glen Hellman

    Executive Leadership and

    Go-to Market Advisor

    Glen has been a founder, CEO, and a member of the executive team leading organizations to multiple IPOs including a $360M IPO of Progress Software, mergers, and acquisitions, including a $92M acquisition of Call Technologies by 3Com. Glen received his coaching training and certification from Vistage, an organization that provides coaching and leadership development to over 15,000 members. Glen coaches & mentors Airgility's leadership team.






    Darrin Auito, JD MBA

    Strategic Technology Advisor

    Darrin is a registered patent attorney (JD/MBA/MSE) and founding partner at HEA Law, PLLC. He has over 13 years of experience creating and implementing strategies that protect his client’s intellectual property assets and business interests throughout the world. He is on the Advisory Board of the Small Business & Entrepreneurship Council (SBEC), an influential voice for entrepreneurship and small business growth in the United States and across the globe. He also participates on the Piranha Tank, a live event that brings together accredited investors seeking deals and entrepreneurs seeking investment.








    Inderit Chopra, PhD

    World Renowned Rotor-craft Expert

    Dr. Chopra is a Distinguished University Professor and Alfred Gessow Professor in Aerospace Engineering and Director of the Alfred Gessow Rotorcraft Center at the University of Maryland. Also, he was the Minta-Martin Research Professor from 1996 to 2000. Dr. Chopra has many professional interests, including multidisciplinary research in rotorcraft aeromechanics with focus on structural dynamics, vibratory loads, aeroelasticity; smart structures; and micro air vehicles, with a balance between analysis and experimental testing. Dr. Chopra is our Chief Technology Advisor.





    Jewel Barlow, PhD

    World Renowned Aerodynamicist and Vehicle Dynamics Expert

    Dr. Barlow is the director of Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel for the Department of Aerospace Engineering. He is also a member of SAE Road Vehicle Aerodynamics Committee and is an Associate Professor of Aerospace Engineering. He has research in applied aerodynamics, experimental aerodynamics, flight mechanics and control, and the vehicle design process.







    David Bain

    Serial Entrepreneur

    David is a serial entrepreneur in the telecom, wireless, and satellite industries. His expertise includes intellectual property (IP) strategy and licensing, building industry coalitions through standards organizations, tech industry M&A, and non-profit advocacy around the safe and sustainable use of new technologies.














    Timothy K. Horiuchi, PhD

    Bio-inspired Systems SME

    Dr. Horiuchi is an associate professor at the Institute for Systems Research at the University of Maryland. His research interests include bat echolocation; computational neuroscience; learning systems; neuromorphic VLSI design; constrained optimization circuits; mobile robotics; and neural recording and spike-sorting techniques and tools. He leads the efforts for Airgility's unique










  • Development and Production team








    Vikram Hrishikeshavan, PhD

    Controls Engineer

    Vikram is an assistant research scientist in the department of aerospace engineering at the University of Maryland. He performs experimental research on aerodynamics, aeromechanics, control and avionics of rotary wing and hybrid micro/unmanned air vehicles. He is working to keep Airgility on the forefront of flight controls.









    Ashwin Varghese Kuruttukulam

    Computer Vision and Controls Engineer

    Ashwin Kuruttukulam is the Lead Algorithm Developer at Airgility. His undergraduate engineering degree is in Applied Electronics and Instrumentation, from the College of Engineering in Trivandrum, India. He has concluded his undergraduate work in “First Class with Distinction”. Prior to joining Airgility, he worked at the Robotics Research Center at the Indian Institute for Information Technology (IIIT), Hyderabad where he developed a fully autonomous pick and place drone system using a monocular camera and an inertial measurement unit. While at IIIT, he also developed robust face recognition algorithms using Histogram of Gradients and deep Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN). He has also worked on the Lockheed Martin AlphaPilot challenge where he developed reinforcement learning based control for autonomous quadcopter racing using CNNs. He currently a graduate student at the University of Maryland, pursuing a Masters in Robotics expecting to graduate in May 2020.


    Andrew Lent

    Manufacturing and Flight Test Engineer

    Andrew Lent is the lead manufacturing manager and flight test engineer at Airgility. Currently, he is a junior undergraduate aerospace engineering student at the University of Maryland. Andrew has been a member of the team for over a year and a half now. Prior to his current roles, he played integral parts in the composite manufacturing, wind tunnel testing, and tethered flight testing of the HorseSHU aircraft. He was also a lead engineer in the assembly and early testing of the CatDog and miniSHU vehicles. Aside from Airgility, Andrew has worked as a research assistant in the High-Speed Aerodynamics and Propulsion Laboratory where he redesigned and manufactured the test section airfoil mounting system for a Mach 6 reflected shock tunnel. He also interned at the Glenn L. Martin Wind Tunnel where he developed a novel Particle Image Velocimetry algorithm designed for large wind tunnels. Outside of his professional life, Andrew is a runner for University of Maryland’s club running team, an avid backpacker, and amateur mountaineer.




    Dipam Patel

    Computer Vision Engineer

    Dipam is a passionate learner, pursuing Master of Engineering in Robotics at the University of Maryland, College Park. He seeks excellence in any field through dedication and hard work and aims to strengthen his core skills. He has the self-motivation to learn new things and push my limits. His interests mostly include Machine Learning, Robot Operating System, Computer Vision, and Augmented Reality.

    At Airgility, Dipam is involved with Deep Learning focused on Object Detection using Tensorflow API for Autonomous Takeoff & Landing of Drones. He is working on Semantic Segmentation based algorithm for Detection of Humans and Objects of Interest. His personal goal is to have complete Autonomous Flying possible using only Machine Learning.

    He enjoys doing some adventurous activities like running, hiking, biking or rock climbing. He can also juggle and solve a Rubik’s cube pretty quickly.





    Mateo Reveiz

    Software Engineer

    Mateo is a Bioengineering and Computer Science double major at the University of Maryland. He is very interested in complex systems and multidisciplinary research and hopes to follow that path in the future. His job involves collecting and analyzing data in order to optimize the propulsion system of the vehicle. He is currently working on the autonomous flight package and mission planner that are part of the ground control station.




    Niket Shah

    Robotics Engineer

    Niket is a Robotics graduate student at the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the UMD. He has an undergraduate degree in Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering from University of Mumbai. His field of interests are Computer Vision, Autonomous Systems, Machine Learning. He joined Airgility in the summer of 2019 as an intern and works on the Computer Vision algorithms.


    Dhilan Shah

    Engineering Intern

    Dhilan is a sophomore at University of Maryland, College Park, studying Computer Engineering. Dhilan is working on electronics, CAD, assembly, and additive manufacturing, and is especially interested in the applications of UAVs within the Internet of Things. Outside of Airgility, he enjoys working on his car and biking.







    Sneha Nayak

    Autonomous Systems Engineering Intern

    Sneha is a Robotics Masters student at the University of Maryland, expected to graduate in December 2020. She works as an Autonomous Systems Engineering Intern at Airgility, where she works on UI Development as well as Computer Vision and Control Algorithms. Her interests lie in Machine Learning, HCI, Computer Vision, Autonomous Systems and Application Development. She has acquired an undergraduate B.E. degree in Computer Science from PES University, Bangalore, India. She's had 3 years of prior work experience as a Software Engineer and Mobile Application Developer where she primarily dealt with building mobile applications in Android and Swift as well as Web Applications.



    Austin Moore

    Engineering Intern

    Austin is a rising sophomore studying aerospace engineering at Virginia tech. As an intern with Airgility, he is learning and getting experience across the entire process of drone production from design to flight testing. He is getting experience with Cad, manufacturing, and printing. At Airgility, he helps the team to do tasks in a timely manner to help reach deadlines on time. Currently, he helps with the production and manufacturing of the DS-1 and other projects. He enjoys activities such as scuba diving, snowboarding, making music, and skydiving.

    Siddhesh Rane

    Robotics Intern

    Siddhesh is an upcoming robotics intern at Agility. He completed his master's degree in robotics engineering from the A. James Clark School of Engineering at the University of Maryland. He pursued his undergrad degree in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. He is passionate about robotics especially focusing on software development, sensor systems and computer vision. Outside of Airgility, he makes Inkscape tutorials for his youtube channel as well as digital webcomics.


    Sukoon Sarin

    Robotics Intern

    Sukoon is a first year graduate student in Robotics at the University of Maryland, A. James Clark School of Engineering. He is working towards embedded systems and sensor integration with unmanned robotics systems such as drones. He is interested in software and hardware development for Robotic systems, computer vision, electronics, and embedded systems.

  • Development and Production team



    Lourdes Rivery

    Business Associate

    Lourdes is a Smith Fellow and MBA graduate student attending the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. After a couple of years in San Francisco, which included working with various startups, she decided to go back to school and focus on her two passions of finance and entrepreneurship. She aims to help the company successfully grow and scale.




    Jacob Holland

    Marketing and Operations Consultant

    Jacob is a Smith Fellow and a Marketing undergraduate student attending the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. He is an avid student of marketing, filmmaking, animation, graphic design, and entrepreneurship and it is his goal to help organizations through the sharing of stories. His job involves organizing, managing, and creating content used for marketing campaigns, social media accounts, and website related activities. Additionally, he helps manage the materials produced and used in crowdfunding efforts.

    Josh Quiat

    Sales Intern

    Josh is a Smith Fellow and a rising Junior attending the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. He is a Finance major with a Business Analytics minor and has an interest in growing his entrepreneurial skill set. His job involves developing the sales team and improving upon the brand of Airgility through sales activities.