• Airgility's Investment IN Autonomy

    With autonomy becoming more integral to technological advancements, Airgility is investing in autonomous solutions and optionally manned, AI assisted solutions so our products become more efficient , versatile, independent, control intuitive, and safe

    Efficiency and Intuitive Controls

    On board algorithms perform maneuvers and autonomously avoid obstacles ,making controlling much easier and intuitive

    Independence and Versatility

    The algorithms and the control center is on-board as well on an external controller, with the

    Risk Management

    More than commonly crashes and accidents are caused by human error. To reduce the human factor, autonomy is integrated to worry about aspects of controls so we don't have to.

  • Levels of Autonomy and where airgility stands

  • MS-1

    • Vision based tracking system 


    • Stereo Vision Based Control Algorithm 
    • Collision Avoidance Algorithm