• Airgility's Investment IN Autonomy



    We solve the problem of flying indoors without GPS, by using higher-level autonomy and AI:


    Conditional Autonomy for Sense & Avoid to de-risk flight ops, reduce flight training.


    High Autonomy for Sense & Navigate to increase information gathering with less attention to flight operation.


    As a result, de-risked operations and/or autonomous operations reduce costs in pilot training and by the quality of information being gathered. The AI expansion point of the system allows the system to be trained to look for areas/items of interest and only record/broadcast pre-screened information rather than record/send overwhelming continuous data feed.


    With autonomy becoming more integral to technological advancements, Airgility is investing in autonomous solutions and optionally manned, AI assisted solutions so our products become more efficient , versatile, independent, control intuitive, and safe.

  • Levels of Autonomy and where airgility stands



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