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    Engineering Aerospace/Mechanical Design Engineer

    We are looking for an experienced aerospace or mechanical engineer to design and prototype small unmanned aerial systems. End-to-end experience is desirable to support development from concept to test flight.

    • You should be passionate about designing and validating systems that are extremely reliable and fault tolerant. 
    • Testing and evaluation experience with a cool and focused mind is a must! 
    • You should be comfortable iterating at a fast pace and forecasting areas of concern in a proactive fashion. 
    • You must take great pride in being a driving force behind bringing a product into existence.

    Please include a portfolio with your application highlighting prior work.


    Must have legal status to work in US. Minimum of 5-7 years of experience required.


    Please send your résumé to team@airgility.co.



    An exciting and engaging opportunity to grow your skills and receive real world experience!


    Our interns are the best of the best and are involved in all aspects of product and business aspects of the company.


    If you are an engineering or computer science major, have a passion for engaging in innovative design, and thrive in a dynamic environment, you may be a great fit for our team!


    Please send your résumé to team@airgility.co.